May 24, 2024

BLS International Trade (32% PROFIT) Trading Journal

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Hello all !! This trade was taken in November 2023 and was carried on till Feb 2024. The trade went well and finally exited as the stock hit my exit criteria. I write all my winning and losing trades as a journal and publish it often. You can find my other trades here:

I am publishing my trades as Google slides format so that it saves time and doesn’t slows up my blog’s speed. You can see a pointer with slide number at the left bottom of the slide. Just click on the > arrow button to move to next slide. You can choose from the three dot button to view the trade in full screen also. If you are facing any issues kindly let me know:

DISCLAIMER – Kindly understand that there are “N” number of ways to trade. My entry, position building techniques, and exits can be done differently by different traders. For some it may look like a late entry, while some may think that I exited too soon. It all depends upon the psychological makeup and the risk profile of the trader. 

So, if some points seem to be irrelevant or if you think that it could have been done the other way around, I agree with you completely. It’s just that, this is how I trade and my trading style may change in future as I evolve as a trader. 

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